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Current News

Innovation Award EuroTier: Lock SBE receives silver medal

A neutral expert commission appointed by the DLG (German Agricultural Society) has selected the winners of this year's DLG "Innovation Award EuroTier"… Read more

Reference project: Reichenspurner // Kaufland

Sustainable production of healthy and fresh fruit and vegetables is playing an increasingly important role. Read more


Satisfied customers of Lock


I am the maintenance manager here at the Donald Danforth Center in St. Louis Missouri.  We have a couple hundred lock drives on site, EWA 10 and EWA 12. I’m really impressed by these drives, I appreciate their well thought out design and their reliability. I express this to those who inquire about them and recommend them any time we build new green houses on our site. 

Ian Lastarria Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Together with the Reichenspurner family, the Kaufland supermarket chain has opened one of Germany's most modern and sustainable greenhouses in Chiemgau - equipped with Lock power drives and the LSC 40 mechatronic limit switch.

Reichenspurner // Kaufland Chiemgau, Germany

"I am overwhelmed with such competent, nice, polite and fast customer service. I got help on the phone in no time and a detailed email with possible causes for the error and solutions to fix it. Even a video with detailed instructions was sent to me. In addition, within 1-2 days I received an offer for repair and new price of the defective drive. Very rarely encountered such perfect customer service. The quality of the products is also outstanding."

Stefan Wachter TGS GmbH, Austria

"The dairy barn, located in a residential area, was rebuilt with the aim of improving animal welfare and work management. Due to the location, it was not possible to add an outdoor yard. Nevertheless, to create an outdoor climate stimulus, the roof was partially opened and a flexible roof opening was installed. This system of sensor-controlled louvers opens and closes fully automatically in appropriate weather."

Roland Baumgärtner EIP Dairy Farm, Germany

"Young plants and semi-finished plants are growing in the production greenhouse in Thiendorf, which has a total of 6.5 hectares of high-glass area. We also relied on Lock quality for our new construction project. It was a very good cooperation."

Daniel Hoche Elsner pac, Germany

The working platform is used to perform maintenance work on the pantographs of the electric buses. After positioning the platform, people with material can be electrically transported to a height of up to 3.9 meters. The roof of the bus can then be accessed via the push units and the fold-out basket railing in order to carry out the maintenance work there.

Offenbacher Public Transportation Services Germany

Lock’s LSC 40 limit switch arrives at long-time partner Metrolina Greenhouses. Here System Engineer Jeff Woolsey shows the first unit - ready to install.

Jeff Woolsey Metrolina Greenhouses, USA

New construction project of a 6ha production greenhouse - equipped with Lock power drives. In the future, radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers and cut roses will grow there.

Binhai Suigen Horticulture Garden China

"We upgraded our Curtains control system through Lock. Together with our electrician, Lock implemented their control concept from consultation to installation. Now the Curtains open and close fully automatically according to temperature and wind, which brings an optimal stable climate and a daily time saving. The special feature is that the control system is connected to the bedding robot and the curtains are closed during bedding. We are excited about the possibilities of the control technology."

Karl Böhm bull stable, Germany

"We still have such an antique - our drive is from 1963 and so it has been in operation for 56 years! That speaks for itself."

August Schlosser Schlosser Grünerlei GbR, Germany

"Lock supported me in the technical engineering of the drive solutions. Our horse barns can even be operated self-sufficiently with a solar panel. For this, Lock used a special 24V drive that fits to our time control."

Dirk Kessler Plaue, Germany

"As a loyal Lock fan, we always trust in German quality."

Li Qingguo Henan Yiyuan Horticultural Equipment Co., Ltd, China

"We use Lock drives for natural ventilation systems. These are various types of ventilation flaps, insulated lifting windows and movable box lids."

Harald Bayer Animal Welfare Stable for Pigs, Germany

"I am very impressed with the quality of Lock equipment and highly recommend it. Lock products are very long lasting and easy to install, but in case assistance is needed Lock’s technical support is great and always available."

Hans Lenselink, Head Grower and company partner Multiflora Greenhouses, USA

"Side ventilation and roof ventilation are solely by Lock."

Bernd Sailer Dairy farm, Germany

"Our drive has been running since 1968 - that speaks for Lock's quality. The drives are still running perfectly."

Gerhard Sander Gardening Sander, Germany

Vegetable production China - 40ha greenhouse area

Haoyu China

"All our turkey stables are up to date and offer our animals the best animal welfare. The lifting windows, the movable ridges and the fully automated roller ventilation protect the animals and allow the best climate in the stable."

Johannes Knäpple turkey fattening farm, Germany

Professional greenhouses for the horticultural sector set very challenging demands on the technical components they use for ventilation and screening. From garden centres to botanical gardens, top gardeners from around the world have been placing their confidence in Lock products for decades.

For more than 60 years, the experts from Lock have been working on drive solutions for greenhouses.
Professional construction of animal sheds for all kinds of livestock involves meeting the highest requirements for the technical components used for ventilation and other applications in the animal shed sector.

For more than 20 years, Lock experts have been committed to the topic of drive solutions in animal sheds.

With its innovative powers, Lock consistently proves that ventilation drives and winding systems never cease to become more efficient, without losing anything in terms of reliability and durability.
Hoisting technology
When industry seeks solutions to tasks involving lifting and positional adjustment, it is finding with increasing frequency that Lock drives provide the answer. Why?

Using Lock drives, gear units and racks, lifting and positional adjustment tasks can be performed easily – mechanical simplicity personified. Not only that, but drive solutions from Lock, in contrast to hydraulic or pneumatic assemblies require virtually no maintenance or service support at all.
Lifting & Automation
Glass construction
Nowadays, any modern glass facade has ­multiple tasks to perform. It is not only the 'face' of the building but is also responsible ­ for the climate inside that building. Which is why the facade needs to be able to adapt ­itself in response to changing conditions of light and shade, wind and weather.

With innovative and at the same time cost-effective solutions, Lock is able to support architects and facade buildings with the implementation of challenging glass facades.
Glass construction