Expertise, advice and service for over 175 years

With a very high level of its manufacturing operations made in-house, Lock quality is not the outcome of on-site supplier audits nor of random sample incoming goods inspections, but instead quality is created within our company. This ensures that all of our products comply with the quality requirements that Lock promises to meet on your behalf.

Lock is big enough to supply you with an extensive range of products, all manufactured to consistently high standards of quality and in high volumes. At the same time though, Lock is also flexible enough to be able to listen carefully to what you have to say, and to meet your precise wishes.

The logically structured range of modular products includes a great variety of drives, couplings, gear racks, gear units and accessories. This is what enables us to deliver your vision of an optimum drive system.

With its order-related assembly operation and its great capacity, Lock is able to supply anything from single items to products for large and complex projects, and can do so reliably and rapidly.

In its market sector, Lock offers the biggest selection of all, featuring around 1000 variants of its EWA power drives. More than 500,000 power drives have already left our assembly line and have been delivered to customers.

  • You are always welcome to come and visit our production facilities, and to enrol for product-based and application-related training courses in our exhibition area.
EWA Assembly
Lock erstellt seine Antriebe im eigenen Haus und sichert somit die Qualität der Produkte und des Unternehmens.
EWA Assembly
EWA Assembly

Numbers that you should know

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are now indispensable management tools for companies and corporations.

Numbers you should know: Customer Satisfaction 97,5%, Delivery Capability 98,0%, Delivery Loyality 99,2%

New catalogue for our 170th anniversary

Timed neatly to coincide with our anniversary year, the Lock Catalogue has been completely revised. With a new design, clear layout and any number of new additions and further developments, Lock has given itself as well as its customers an exciting birthday present. At the end of the day, although we now live in a digital age, most of our core customers still appreciate the classic printed catalogue, which for them is the most important daily workplace tool in conjunction with Lock products and systems.

The product matrix has met with great acclaim because it ser-ves as a route finder map across the vast Lock product range.

Lock bietet durch seine Produktmatrix eine Landkarte durch die Produktpalette von Lock.
Der Geburtstagskatalog von Lock beinhaltet viele Neuheiten und Weiterentwicklungen.

Our own subsidiaries in NL and USA

With our own subsidiaries in the Netherlands and the USA, Lock is able to offer expert advice, an extensive range of inventory items and rapid service response on location. Furthermore we have a worldwide network supported by independent dealerships to provide an optimum level of service support.