Dino - Power and Design


LOCK is once again setting new standards, this time with the EWA 16 "DINO" drive, an innovative design rated for torques of up to 1500 Nm.

With the introduction of the EWA 16 power drive, LOCK is now able to offer a seamless range of superb drives covering a torque range of 70 - 1500 Nm with a great selection and a high level of standardization. The new product adds to the performance range of the EWA 12 and EWA 14, while the previous EWA 37 / 38 models are being phased out.

The familiar double-worm technology is also being employed here, extending product service life, reducing noise emissions and delivering high levels of torque. Moreover, thanks to a highly innovative design, the dimensions are extremely compact. This approach has also enabled LOCK to standardize the installation dimensions across this range, i.e. length and position of the output shaft and the rear mountings are now identical.

For applications requiring variable speeds or RWA compatibility, the "DINO" can also be equipped with the award-winning FU-LOGIC, already fitted to the EWA 14 power drive.