Heinz Burgmaier is celebrating a unique anniversary


Since 50 years Heinz Burgmaier is working with Lock. It never has happened something similar in the companys history.

A unique event so Frank Lock the managing director called it.

Being only 13 years old Heinz Burgmaier started to work with Lock as an apprentice machinist. Today it would be child labour asserted Frank Lock his present boss. Many things have been changed in the last 50 years Heinz Burgmaier remembers himself.

At the old company located in the Pestalozzi street he started to produce manual winches. It was not easy as he was very tiny and nearly couldnt hold the big sledge hammer.

In the following years Heinz Burgmaier was accompanying the development of the company:

1958 the first electrical drives have been produced for greenhouses.

1971 Burgmaier moved with the company into the new and still present location and he was working in the field of customer service and was travelling through whole Europe.

Not only technical things have been changed in those 50 years. He reminds himself very well to his first day of working at the company. He decided to welcome his boss at that time Johannes Lock with a Good Morning every day. Johannes Lock just answered Look at your job not to myself! He felt really shocked at his first day of working.

Additional working as an apprentice for 58 hours a week he also had to do gardening. Once so Burgmaier remembers the boss was sawing off a branch. I had to hold the ladder exactly at that branch which he wanted to saw off. As Burgmaier warned him he only was told: Watch the ladder not what I´m doing!

Burgmaier could remind him of many of such little stories. Once he had to adjust the bed by a water level of his first boss. And very often coins have been displayed in the house for to put his apprentices to the test.

In those years filled with such little stories he also enriched his large knowledge. Every drive I could demount blind without a drawing and also mount it again. Important knowledge for the company Frank Lock recognized.

And so that Heinz Burgmaier could stay in a good condition for the future he got a new computer with photos of  50 years seniority on his screen back ground.