Important Visitors at Lock

Geschäftsführer Frank Lock erklärt Ertingens Bürgermeister Alexander Leitz, dem Präsidenten des WGV Heinz Tiedemann sowie Regierungspräsident Hermann Strampfer (von links) ein Produkt der Firma Lock.
Managing Director Frank Lock explains a Lock product to the Ertingen Mayer Alexander Leitz, the President of the WGV Heinz Tiedemann as well as District President Hermann Strampfer (from the left).

In the course of a meeting of District President Hermann Strampfer with Württembergischer Gartenbauverband (WGV = Gardening and Landscaping Association), Strampfer also visited the Lock company in Ertingen, Germany.

Managing Director Frank Lock took the delegation on a tour of his company which has been a family enterprise since 1844 with approximately 60 employees. It is managed in the fifth generation by Frank Lock. In the sector of drive solutions for ventilation and shading in greenhouse construction, Lock is the global market leader.

In the German-speaking countries, there is hardly a garden centre or sales greenhouse that does not use Lock drives. Lock products are also to be found world-wide in the stables of many farms. A further main pillar and a new line of business since the beginning of the nineties are domestic and foreign architectural projects. Lock winches are to be found in the entrance hall of the Leipzig Trade Fair as well as in the Stadttor building in Düsseldorf and at the Potsdamer Platz, Berlin. The Königsbaupassagen (shopping centre) in Stuttgart are the latest reference project where drive systems for segmented vents have also been installed for roof ventilation.

The young entrepreneur Frank Lock who took over the family business in 2002 from his father Freimut clearly professed his commitment to the regional economy. His personal ambition is to continue producing at the Ertingen location. Lock also looks positively into the future: "German locations are gaining more acceptance." Strampfer agreed: "Only quality awareness still has to change more in the minds of the consumers".

In the political sector, Lock had a request to the District President. "There is no motorway here where we are", he has to keep telling suppliers and customers. Therefore, the extension of the B311 to three lanes as well as local bypasses are important for the regional economy. Strampfer agreed to keep passing on these problems to Berlin. And he added: "We are on your side".

Source: Schwäbische Zeitung, Marion Buck, 25.09.2007