IPM, Essen: "I really am moved!"


At the foremost horticultural trade fair, the IPM in Essen, Lock enjoyed great success with its new exhibition stand, where it unveiled the new LanLogic system.

he main attraction was the customer sweepstake for the last ever EWA 61 and an I-Pod Touch worth about 400. This first prize was won by Paul Spohr from Plantechnik Hartmann our congratulations go to Paul!

Roland Bittl from Steverding Stahl- und Gewächshausbau and Heidrun Friedrich from Gartenbau Friedrich won two further I-Pod worth about 300 congratulations here too!

By way of compensation prizes, we also drew names out of the hat for ten WWF picture books entitled Bewegung [Movement] each worth approx. 40. We would like to congratulate:

  • Mr. Stefan Rier from W. Block Handelsvertretung
  • Mr. Peter Dekker from Peter Dekker Installaties
  • Mr. Thomas Calmbacher from Dill
  • Mr. Ernst Jochen Herrmann from Gartenbau-Versicherung
  • Mr. Erik Bubner from Kräss GlasCon
  • Mr. Markus Kröss from Rabensteiner
  • Mr. Michel Saarloos from Saarlucon
  • Mr. Rolf Cattau from Siedenburger Gewächshausbau
  • Mr. Arno Deursen from Van der Valk
  • Mr. Stefan Weber from Richard Weber

Uwe Weinzierl from KrässGlascon, for his spontaneous reaction I really am moved! is being awarded a special prize the DVD and book of Der bewegte Mann [The Man Who Was Moved].

We would like to extend our grateful thanks for the many positive reactions, for the many people who took part in our sweepstake and for the 25 years of confidence our customers have shown in the EWA 61. Finally, we wish the winners a great deal of fun and entertainment with their prizes!