Lock wins TASPO Award 2019 with EazyTop

Frank F. Lock
Frank F. Lock

Last Friday, 25 October 2019, the 14th TASPO Awards took place in Berlin. At the festive gala, moderated by Steven Gätjen, the best submitted projects and companies of the green industry were awarded in the various categories.
149 companies had submitted their entries in 18 categories. A 21-member jury gave points in a secret voting.
Lock Antriebstechnik won the award in the "Innovative Product of the Year" category with EazyTop - protected outdoor cultivation of pome and stone fruit. The criteria for this category relate to the degree of innovation, the differentiation from previous products in this segment, the market potential and much more.

EazyTop is a roof system for the protected outdoor cultivation of pome and stone fruit. It consists of a movable mechanism that can be operated automatically according to requirements and weather conditions. Foil sheets are moved by an electric drive and a clever rope system. 
The big advantages of the EazyTop system are the protection against rain, hail, solar radiation and other weather influences. A strong and long-lasting rain directly on the plants can be prevented. Fungal infestation can thus be almost avoided. Harvesting is also possible during rain. The roof can be completely closed in less than two minutes. Remote control via weather radar or app is also possible. 
The conventional systems are permanently installed and reach their limits for different applications and crops. EazyTop is flexible and combines the advantages of traditional systems. Due to the modular design, upgrading to an existing underframe is easily possible.