Lock presents new power drive series

Markus Möhler
Markus Möhler

Lock's EWA power drives are known as a reliable source of power for many applications and have been correspondingly successful with over 500,000 sold worldwide. With the EWA 50 size, Lock is now launching a new series that offers users more flexibility and safety with state-of-the-art features and larger torque ranges.

For the new EWA 5X series, the Lock developers paid strict attention to maintaining the high quality standards of the previous series. Thus, the new EWA 50 complies with protection class IP 55, is robust, durable and extremely reliable. The user can assume that the slow-running, self-locking worm gear with electric motor and integrated limit switch system will do its job for decades without any maintenance.

A removable foot mounting with a shaft height of 70 mm optionally 60 mm or via a side mounting allows universal installation. At the same time, the EWA 50 is interchangeable with the existing EWA of the 1X series and, thanks to the different shaft heights, it can also be used as a replacement drive in existing systems of the competition.

Lock offers the new LSC 40 AC/DC digital control unit as a limit switch system, which can optionally include the LPR 02 position indicator (analogue signal 0-10V or 4-20 mA) or the LPR 04 (digital signal). Due to the very simple setting of the end positions with this control unit, the installation effort is reduced by up to 70%. Exact and precise positioning is made possible by the digital signal. Safe and reliable operation for the gardener is thus guaranteed.

The EWA 50 is available for many mains voltages, with speeds from 2.6 to 5.4 min-1 and torques from 50 to 150 Nm. This means a much wider range of applications and flexibility than with the EWA 1X series, and at the same price.

"In the greenhouse, the power drive never gets the attention it actually deserves. Only when it doesn't work is quality a decisive criterion," says Frank Lock, "With the EWA 5X series, we are therefore consistently pursuing the path of premium quality and offering the gardener the security he needs for his day-to-day business."