FU-LOGIC is a frequency converter with logic functions, forming an integral part of the motor. When this product was unveiled, LOCK promptly received the INDEGA award for technical progress.

The Lock power drives with optional FU-LOGIC will open up new vistas in terms of controlling ventilation and screening requirements. This is due to the FU-LOGIC’s ability to evaluate input signals such as temperature, wind, rain or smoke and to determine from these the speed and direction in which a drive unit should operate.

FU-LOGIC permits variable speeds of operation from 0.1 to 9 revolutions per minute at full torque in both directions!

The combination of Lock limit switch and electronic cutout ensures high levels of safety and dispenses with the need for any additional adjustment of settings. This contrasts with solutions employing an external frequency converter.

This design continues to employ single-phase power supply, enabling it to dispense with reversible polarity protection. Other optional extras include an integrated position sensor.