TaspoAwards for EZD 52


The new EZD 52 makes it all so much easier! Installation and disassembly are ingeniously quick and easy operations better than ever before. The installation procedure on new-builds can now be rethought entirely. If ever repair work is needed, it takes hardly any time at all to replace one of these units with a new one simply push the defective rack & pinion drive to one side.

The EZD 52 pinion is in two sections!

Due to this unique design, the EZD 52 can be installed ‘around the drive shaft’. This means that installation no longer involves sliding the unit right down the entire length of tube. Instead, the housing slides radially onto the pinion and the drive shaft, snaps into position and holds the two halves of the pinion together. Then the rack can slide into position and be secured in the normal way.

1. Fit the pinion
2. Snap the housing
3. Push the rack

Customer benefits

  • Quicker installation due to unique design
  • Quicker replacement without disassembly of drive shaft
  • Compatible with standard steel rack + pinion
Lock – EZD 52 Zahnradstangengetriebe