The drive system for wings and flaps

Radiant sunshine. The wings or flaps on these giant glass facades open as though by magic. Perfectly synchronized. Using purely mechanical coupling elements from Lock. In a perfectly orchestrated harmony of power drives and rack drives. In the Lock modular system of products, you will find the perfect tool for the job, indeed the whole matching suite of tools.

Lock Video of roof ventilation for glass construction
Video: roof ventilation
Lock Video of glass construction for side ventilation
Video: side ventilation

Performance features:

  • Extremely robust special rack drives
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Universally applicable
  • Original “Made in Germany” and patented
Lock Glass construction ZSG12 and ZSG20
Lock Reference Glass construction Empac New York, Permasteelisa Würzburg
Empac New York, Permasteelisa Würzburg