LSR 25

Ventilation controller

  • Temperature-dependent ventilation controller with proportional wind control and min/max position limitation.
  • Integrated switch-indexing function for strong wind conditions.
  • Independent settings for recording operating hours are possible for drives A and B. 
  • Option for connecting up a wind sensor and a rain sensor.
  • One temperature for two 230 V 1~ drives – connectable directly.
  • Easy to operate using a big colour monitor.
  • Temperature setpoint value can be set between -20°C and +60°C.
  • Ability to set indexing and interval times as well as hysteresis.
  • Plastic housing, including a temperature sensor. 
  • “Vibration function” to prevent unit from freezing solid.
  • Possible to override manual indexing function. 
  • Integrated counter for operating hours. 
  • Integrated emergency stop circuit (an accessory).