TST 14, TST 10, TST 20


TST 14
TST 14
TST 10
TST 10
TST 20
TST 20

TST 14 switch

  • Basic control unit for switching 230 V 1~ drives on and off, with logic function for VariVent® TC System. Automation in conjunction with LSR 20 or LSR 35 ventilation controller.
  • Operation by pushbuttons (deadman). It can be choose between Manual or Automatic switch.
  • IP 54 plastic housing with cable screw connections.

TST 10 switch

  • To simplify the mounting of 230 V 1~ drives and for setting the limit switches. Is dismantled again after assembly.
  • With mains connector and terminal contact strip, sharing identical colour codes and numbering with the power drive connection cables. Both directions of rotation can be operated using just one switch.

TST 20 switch

  • For simple activation of 230 V 1~ drives. Suitable for a wet room.
  • Buttons mechanically interlocked (deadman).