KKS 11, KKS 15

Chain coupling // 6° angle adjustment

KKS 11
KKS 11
KKS 15
KKS 15
  • Coupling with 6° angle adjustment and axial mounting to transmit torques from power drives to adapter tubes.
  • KKS 11 for welding to the tube, KKS 15 for screw-mounting.
  • It is possible to remove the drive after disconnecting the chain.
  • The 2 rows of chain links permit larger alignment errors of up to 6° between drive and adapter shaft.
  • Steel coupling, weldable, milled, weld hub with bore or collar for welding to output tube.
  • Axial mounting with circlip, except for We 68.
  • Can be used for speeds of up to 30 rpm.


  • Note permitted torque for adapter tube. If necessary, use tube with greater wall thickness, e.g. 1“, DIN 2441 33.7 x 4.05 mm.