ESS 40

Switch system

  • Electromechanical switch system for disengagement or querying of several settings through a combination of the tried and tested Lock gear limit switch systems END 20.20 and END 20.40.
  • Limit switch system in IP 55 cast housing, same installation dimensions as EWA, same shaft ends, same couplings.
  • With a limit switch system, four positions can be set, of which two positions can be secured using the additional END 20.40 switch.
  • For the Luv/Lee convertible application, an additional ESS 40 is required in the Luv/Lee version (2 x END 20.20).
  • The switching principle enables switch points to be overridden without any problem. At the same time, the position relative to the switching point can be queried – NO/NC (German patent 10351613).
  • Position sensor PAR 06 (potentiometer) or PAR 10 can be retrofitted.
  • Simple and precise setting of the switch points.
  • High reliability and process safety thanks to tried and tested Lock switching principle.