• With LanLogic, intelligent networking takes place on the basis of the EWA 12–EWA 16 range of drives. Especially in winter, this can help to cut energy costs.
  • The integrated bus system also helps to achieve substantial savings with the wiring. With its turnkey ‘plug&play’ connection, installation is fast and simple.
  • The system can be programmed to suit individual needs, and is therefore open-ended in respect of options and of future developments.
  • LanLogic achieves a precision level never previously available in the horticultural construction sector. The feedback control precision of 0.1 % enables the system to be adjusted to suit even miniscule changes in operating parameters, e.g. a minimum gap for dehumidification and therefore minimal energy losses.
  • The high level of reliability achieved with proven industrial components delivers optimum levels of operational safety.
  • The various basic structures can be combined in any way. All basic structures can also be used with LAN 50 (a frequency inverter instead of a reversible contactor).