HZW 53

Manual rack winch // 3000–6000 N

  • Manual rack winches for raising, lowering, adjusting and securing components, devices, machines and ventilation systems.
  • Smooth action, self-locking worm gear drives.
  • Cast housing, milled worm gear drive, gearbox components made of steel, partially hardened, robust precision design.
  • Loadable in tension and compression.
  • Standard stroke lengths 400–1400 mm. Additional stroke possible in increments of 200 mm. From stroke length of 1100 mm (HZW 53.03), or 1300 mm (HZW 53.06) note reduced compression force.


  • HZW 53.0310 // HZW 53.0610: like standard version but with lateral shaft outputs to drive version HZW 53.0311 // HZW 53.0611 (not self-locking, maximum total load 3000 N // 6000 N. Connection with 3/4“ tube, DIN 2440.
  • Other versions available with other combination options on request.


  • Folding handle, galvanised version (see Chapter 10).
    (Not for the ATEX version.)
  • Rack guard.
  • Atex Version:
    • II 3 G Ex h IIB T3 Gc (gas)
    • II 3 D Ex h IIIB T200°C Dc (dust)