EWA knows no compromises and displays no weaknesses

Lock EWA power drives are a dependable power source for every application. Slow-running with self-locking worm gear units and integrated limit switches or control unit, they perform their tasks for decades without requiring any maintenance work. As option A60 also suitable for use in the open air.

As a low-cost alternative, there are the HWA manual drives that are of course easy to retrofit as EWA power drives.

Lock drives can be used for far more than ventilation tasks. Much of what you have to lift and relocate you can make happen using drive units and accessories from Lock.

  • Torque range of 50 –1500 Nm.
  • Speed range of 1–10 rpm.
  • Integrated precision gear limit switch END 20 or integrated LSC 40 control unit.
  • Dimensioning for decades of operational service.
  • Self-locking worm gear units.
  • Electric motors with optimized characteristics for 50 and 60 Hz.
  • Turnkey status for single-phase motors.
  • Optional PAR 06 potentiometer or PAR 10 multiturn-sensor pre-installed on END 20.
  • Optional position sensor, analogue LPR 02 or digital LPR 04 on the LSC 40.
  • Motors and microswitches on the END 20 for 60 Hz are cURus-certified (cURus = UL Recognized Component Mark, valid for the USA and Canada).
Lock EWA

Advantages of Lock drives

  • Standard mounting dimensions
  • Compact shape
  • Uniform shaft length
  • Any installation position
  • Optional LockLogic®  
  • Zero-maintenance
  • Selection of shaft types
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • A60 for use in the open air

END 20

END 20 – Precision for EWA

Position repeater PAR 10

  • Programmable multiturn sensor to provide positional feedback.
  • High resolution for very precise positioning, no jumps or system crashes.
  • No mechanical limit stop and no mechanical wear.
  • Pre-assembled or suitable for retrofitting to END 20 limit switches.
  • „Elektronisches Poti“ austauschbar gegen PAR 06.
  • Number of shaft rotations: 0.1 to 190 can be evaluated.
  • Simple teaching in, using two buttons on the device, with status displayed by LED.
  • Signal output 0 – 10 V analogue or 4 – 20 mA (invertible).
  • Power supply 16 – 30 V DC, same connection as PAR 06.

LSC 40

Lock Antriebstechnik // lockdrives - LSC 40 Kontrolleinheit

Optional: LSC 40.10 control unit

  • Absolute mechatronic limit switch system with integrated additional switches for AC or DC control voltage.
  • Fast and simple setting without power connection, with familiar high level of reliability.


  • “Integrated position sensor” LPR with high resolution.
  • Only one version for all rotational speeds – no additional components.
  • No additional teach-in required.
  • No mechanical limit stop / wear.
  • Outputs with 0-10 V, 4-20 mA and incremental signal.


Lock always offers you a large number of types, variants and options to enable you to select the ideal solution for your application.

  • Torques and speeds (see table)
  • Shaft ends We 06, We 66, We 19
  • External installation A60 (option)
  • Special voltages 1~, 3~, DC
  • Types of mounting and mounting positions
  • END 20 switch elements, PAR 06, PAR 10
  • Optional LSC 40.10 control unit, LPR 02, LPR 04.
  • Colour DB 701 platinum grey


The broad and diverse product portfolio and the modularity of the drive units in conjunction with the gear units enable systems to be created that can move loads perfectly in a point-to-point, linear or surface way.

Example: A drive with a rack & pinion unit or a cable drum moves local spot loads.
Example of continous ventilation: A drive unit lifts linear loads using shafts and rack & pinion units.
Example of greenhouse rail ventilation: One drive unit moves large surface areas using shafts, rack & pinion units and levers.