EazyVent® - The inexpensive alternative

EazyVent® enables top-opening ventilation, as well as pulling up the wound fabric from the bottom to the top.

A central shaft with a rope drum lowers or raises the top edge of the fabric. The special ropes are guided around the fabric and analogously wound back onto the rope drum.

This creates a bend in the rope at the lower fabric edge when it is lowered, which causes it to rotate and thus wind up.

Function and advantages:

  • Ventilate increasingly from top to bottom.
  • Up to a clear opening height of 3 m.
  • Move fabric upwards (summer position) without additional drive.
  • Simple and quick installation.
  • No height offset of the lower fabric edge.
  • No force transmission into the winding shaft required.
  • No lateral drive technology.
  • Only one drive necessary.
  • Manual or electric drive.
  • Interruptions of the system (e.g. gate) possible.
  • Multi-layer tarpaulins possible.
An example of the alternative EazyVent

The system components at a glance

EazyVent® - It couldn't be easier!

EazyVent® - Fully closed
EazyVent® - Increasing opening from top to bottom
EazyVent® - Fully open
EazyVent® - Lifting wound fabric upwards

Electric drive // EWA

Self-locking worm gear, A60 version possible for outdoor installation.

Tubular motor // RMA

Tubular motors with 120 Nm. Robust steel gearbox,high quality connection cable 4,00 m long. High reliability and durability.


Manual drive // HWA

Self-locking worm gear unit. Housing made of special cast iron, gear made of steel. Different variants with sprocket and long crank possible.

Rope drum // STR 12.91

Rope drum ø 110 mm with screws and safety nuts.

Rope clamps // WRZ 30.10

For easy mounting of the plastic rope with screw.

Plastic rope // DKU 12.04

Special plastic rope forwinding the fabric.

EazyVent® - central duct // top-opening

System with power drive
System with power drive
System with tube motor
System with tube motor
  • A worldwide unique top-opening winding system!
  • With a single drive, the top edge is lowered and synchronously wound up at the bottom. Thus, an area of up to 600 m² of film can be wound with one drive.
  • Interruptions of the line are possible without the need of another drive.
  • Flexibility through the use of different materials.
  • Three-phase or single-phase drives possible.
  • Specially developed components for a low-cost system, protected distribution worldwide.
  • System with manual driveHWA, tubular motorRMA or electric driveEWA. Simple conversion possible.
  • No height offset of the lower fabric edge.
  • High safety, as no force application of the winding shaft is required.
  • Worldwide patent application.


Lock Antriebstechnik // lockdrives - EazyVent EWA
Lock Antriebstechnik // lockdrives - EazyVent RMA