Central tube // top-opening

System mit Elektroantrieb
System mit Elektroantrieb
System mit Rohrmotor
System mit Rohrmotor
  • A globally unique top-opening winding system!
  • With a single drive unit, the top edge is lowered, and rolled up synchronously at the bottom. This enables a surface area of up to 600 m2 of foil to be rolled up with a single drive unit.
  • Interruptions in the system are possible, without requiring an additional drive unit.
  • Flexibility through the use of a vast array of materials.
  • Drives possible with 3-phase or single-phase power supply.
  • Specially developed components for a  LowCost system, sales are patent-protected worldwide.
  • System with HWA manual drive, RMA tube motor or EWA power drive. Simple conversion is possible.
  • No height offset of the bottom edge of sheeting.
  • High levels of safety because there is no need to introduce force to the winding shaft.
  • Worldwide patent pending.