VariVent® BC

Climbing drive // bottom-opening

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  • Bottom-opening winding system with climbing drive and special-purpose compensating mechanism.
  • Compact installation space and easier to assemble. Ideally suited for heavy rolling material.
  • No weight applied to roller tube by drive, assuring
  • optimum rolling process and protection of the fabric.
  • Reliable and powerful drive system, also in outdoors locations.
  • Drive unit can be installed at the end or in the centre of the system, enabling greater lengths, and less torsion on the roller tube.
  • With HWA manual drive or EWA power drive. EWA conversion is a simple matter.
  • Drives possible with 3-phase or single-phase power supply.
  • Fully automatic activation with LSR ventilation controller and wind/rain function.
  • Patent pending.


  • New MPL 75.22 assembly console: to set the inclined angle to suit the on-site application, to ensure that deflection angle of universal joints is not exceeded.
  • At manual drive without GKT / ATR possible, please use adapter GKA 04.0647.

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