VariVent® TC

Climbing drive // top/bottom-opening

  • All the advantages of the VariVent® systems in a globally unique and fully variable system. Top-opening, bottom-­opening, positioning for shading or raised completely for summer operation.
  • With two EWA power drives for length of up to 100 m length and height of 4.5 m in a compact installation area.
  • With climbing drive and special-purpose compensating mechanism. Optimum winding process and protection of the sheeting, because no weight is applied to the roller tube.
  • Single rolled up to 3.2 m or double rolled up to height of 4.5 m. Central roller tube for more stability to wind pressure, less soiling of the sheeting, higher rolling speed and a combination of different kinds of sheeting and net fabrics.
  • Drive unit can be installed at the end or in the centre of the system, enabling greater lengths. Great cost saving because only a 2nd telescope is used.
  • Drives possible with 3-phase or single-phase power supply.
  • Fully automatic activation with LSR ventilation controller and wind/rain function.
  • Euro-Patent 1 388 637