VariVent® TF Central tube


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  • Top-opening winding system with central tube. Less friction because no corner roller. Also possible to bridge doors. Through the use of special-purpose reversing gear units.
  • With a single drive unit, the top edge is lowered and rolled synchronously at the bottom. Therefore no risk of collision. Thanks to a special-purpose compensating mechanism with GKT telescopic coupling, no tension is applied to the sheeting, and no readjustment is required.
  • With TFD (double format winding) it is possible to roll up surface areas of approx. 450 m2 with just one EWA power drive. Central roller tube for more stability to wind pressure, less soiling of the sheeting, faster rolling speed and a combination of various types of sheeting and net fabrics possible. A WRZ 10 end guide is needed.
  • Drive unit can be installed at the end or in the centre of the system, enabling greater lengths, and compensation for gradients and interruptions (i.e. discontinuous sections).
  • With HWA manual drive or EWA power drive. Conversion to EWA is a simple process.
  • Drives possible with 3-phase or single-phase power source.
  • Fully automatic activation with LSR ventilation controller and wind/rain function.
  • European patents 0 982 466, 1 388 637