VariVent® TF Diabolo


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  • Top-opening winding system with a globally unique ­rolling principle.
  • Torque is introduced through contra-rotating cable drums. This means that a single drive unit can lower the top edge and roll the sheeting from the bottom synchronously. That eliminates the risk of collision.
  • With the TFS Diabolo (single format rolling) the KGO gear units are replaced by two cable drum consoles which saves costs.
  • The TFD Diabolo (double format winding) is particularly well suited to low or narrow buildings. Installation space is shortened greatly through elimination of the telescopic coupling.
  • Drive unit can be installed at the end or in the centre of the system, making greater lengths possible, with less torsion on the roller tube.
  • With HWA manual drive or EWA power drive. EWA conversion is a simple matter.
  • Drives possible with 3-phase or single-phase power supply.
  • Fully automatic activation with LSR ventilation controller and wind/rain function.
  • Patent pending 10 2012 022 001.4