Always well wound – VariVent® roller ventilation systems

VariVent® roller ventilation from Lock offers all of these options:

  • Opening from top
  • Opening from bottom
  • Variable opening from top and bottom

VariVent® roller ventilation guarantees high levels of operational reliability because lightweight aluminium tubes with small diameters and low-speed drive units can be used.

All systems:

  • can be operated in the open air
  • can be operated without risk of collision by our patented forced synchronization system
  • can be rolled singly and doubly
  • can have the drive unit mounted at the end or in the middle, depending on the required length of ventilation
  • are simple to convert from manual to power drive
  • can be controlled fully automatically by temperature, wind and rain

A single drive unit is all that is required for a building length of 100 metres at an opening height of max. five metres.

Lock Garden centres VariVent
Garden centres
Lock ventilation for Garden centres VariVent
Garden centres
Lock Dairy cattle shed VariVent
Dairy cattle shed
Lock Dairy cattle shed VariVent
Dairy cattle shed

An overview of system components

The versatility of the tried and tested

The extensive range of these tried and tested systems and components will enable you to find the ideal solution for every requirement and set of circumstances.

Combine them to suit your needs: drive unit, gear unit, couplings, cable drums, controllers. This will ensure that you find an efficient solution for this very specific task in your project.

And if you are not entirely certain, we will be pleased to help you. With detailed proposals for solutions backed up by calculations in which we bring all of our experience and expertise to bear.

Lock Overview of system components VariVent

1. Power drive // EWA

Self-locking worm gear unit, version A60, suitable for external installation.

Lock EWA power drive as VariVent components

Manual drive // HWA

Self-locking worm gear unit. ­Housing made of a special casting, gear unit made of steel. Various versions with sprocket wheel and long crank are possible.

Lock VariVent EWA manual drive as VariVent components

2. Reversing gear unit // KGO

90° reversing gear unit to distribute forces.

Lock Reversing gear unit VariVent KGO as VariVent components

3. Cable drum // STR

With mounting console for VariVent® systems, lifting windows etc.

Lock Cable drum for VariVent systems with mounting console

4. Telescopic coupling // GKT

With length adjustment for VariVent® roller systems, all parts non-rusting (i.e. stainless).

Lock Telescopic coupling for VariVent roller systems

5. Roller tube // WRO

Roller tube ø 50 mm with piped groove ø 10 mm.

Lock Roller tube WRO for VariVent systems