Power is our strength.

Lock drive solutions marry high performance to power delivery. Wherever you need to move large surface areas on roofing and facade elements, Lock solutions can deliver the motive power you need to make it happen. Especially in situations where conventional drive technology simply fails to measure up to the requirements for power and lifting ability. Or if your task profile calls for a very specific but nonetheless cost-effective solution.

Let your project benefit from the decades of experience Lock experts have in this field.

Other benefits:

  • Perfectly synchronized and cost-effective with mechanical linkages
  • High load-bearing reserves to contend with powerful wind loads in static areas
  • Specifically developed for big fluctuations in temperature and high ambient humidity
  • Compact design and very quiet operation
  • Individual, project-specific solutions achieved with modular construction elements
  • Simple assembly and integration in building management systems
  • Extremely high levels of reliability and many years of dependable operation
  • Low maintenance overhead
Video: roof ventilation
Video: side ventilation