The drive system for sun protection louvres.

Drive systems manufactured in the Lock plant are at work in the Cologne Oval Offices (COO) in the secondary facade for adjustable sun protection. In each case, two louvres are combined to form a system that is powered by a window blind motor. Each louvre is fitted with a VRE 76 worm drive. By connecting both of these drives to the window blind motor, the louvres are mechanically synchronized. This drive system is built to withstand a static load of 1200 Nm.

Performance features:

  • Extremely robust special worm gear unit, self-locking
  • Robust aluminium housing, completely sealed
  • All externally exposed gearbox components are made of stainless steel
  • Quality ball bearings for extremely quiet operation
  • Absolutely minimal backlash
  • Zero maintenance
  • Loads up to 1200 Nm
Technology Center, Bielefeld (Schüco International)
Technology Center, Bielefeld (Schüco International)