IPM 2016 and new PAR 10


Thank you for visiting our stand at IPM 2016 in Essen. As the main product innovation we presented you the new PAR 10 position repeater, which is a new possibility for the feedback of the position of the power drives EWA 10 – 16 and the power racks EZW 64.

Due to the programmable Multiturn sensor there are no intermediate gears necessary and therefore there is only one version for all rotational speeds. It offers a high resolution for very precise positioning and delivers a high quality signal without jumps or system crashes. Due to there is no mechanical limit stop there is no mechanical wear.

The PAR 10 can be delivered pre-assembled or is suitable for retrofitting the well-known limit switch system END 20. Therefore it is replaceable against the existing position repeater PAR 06. The number of shaft rotations is from 0,1 to 190 evaluable. It can be used at an ambient temperature from -40°C to +85°C, which is crucial for the use in a greenhouse ventilation.

We look forward to meeting you again at IPM 2017.

END20/PAR10 – Precisie voor EWA

END20/PAR10 – Präzision für EWA