STR 12

Cable drums

Cable drums // STR 12.5401
STR 12.5401
Cable drums // STR 12.5410
STR 12.5410
Cable drums // STR 12.7401
STR 12.7401
Cable drums // STR 12.7410
STR 12.7410
Cable drums // STR 12.9201
STR 12.9201
Cable drums // STR 12.9210
STR 12.9210
Cable drums // STR 12.9101
STR 12.9101

STR 12.54 // STR 12.92

  • Plastic cable drums for mounting to 1“ tube for VariVent® systems, lifting window and similar items.
  • Drum in two sections for ease and speed of assembly.
  • With patented clamping fixtures, no further drilling required!
  • For cable diameters of up to 4 mm.
  • Version xx10 always with pre-mounted wire cable. Process for controlled winding of cable during assembly has been submitted for utility patent application.

STR 12.74 // tapered cable drum for VariVent® TFS

  • For single-rolled TFS systems with a ventilation height of up to 3,5 m. 
  • Only a small winding tube offset (± 5 – 10 cm).
  • Only a small base is needed, which delivers a bigger cross section for ventilation with eaves at the same height.
  • Flexible range of applications: Depending on which area of the tapered drum is used, the winding offset for different thicknesses of sheeting can be optimised.
  • Easy to install with tried and tested gripper clamps.

STR 12.91 // Cable drum for EazyVent®

  • Smooth cable drum made of two plastic half-shells (ø 110 mm).
  • Included in scope of supply: Two screws and two lock nuts.
  • Only suitable for plastic cables.
  • Special groove present for safety winding.


  • Indication H without two safety windings.
  • Per drum max. 150 kg.