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Reliable ventilation and shading in the greenhouse is the cornerstone for a reliable yield. In professional horticulture, the highest demands are therefore placed on the technical components for ventilation and shading. In commercial horticulture around the world, top gardeners have been relying on the quality of Lock products for decades.

The Lock experts have been working on drive solutions for all types of greenhouses for more than 60 years. With its innovative strength, Lock proves that drives for ventilation and shading can become increasingly efficient without losing reliability or durability. With the lowest total cost of drive technology over the entire life cycle, Lock is always the first choice for gardeners.

A future-proof investment

Lock drives offer the highest level of performance, reliability and quality . That is why they are a cost-effective long-term investment for any horticultural business. With a Lock drive, you get a sophisticated product that you only have to deal with once: when installing it. Because a Lock drive lasts at least as long as your greenhouse .

Lock products can also be found in many specialty applications such as roller houses, lifting heaters and lifting lights through to internal transport systems and packaging machines.

Production horticulture

Production horticulture is concerned with the production and marketing of high-quality plant products for nutrition, design and forestry. This includes vegetable growing, fruit growing, ornamental plant growing, tree nurseries, plant breeding and young plant production. Research into the optimal production of plant products can also be assigned here.

A special form of marketing is the garden center or sales greenhouse.

  • Vegetable growing, 
  • Fruit growing, 
  • Ornamental plant cultivation, 
  • Nursery, 
  • Plant breeding
  • Young plant production 
  • Research 
  • Sales greenhouse (garden center) 

Greenhouse types

Lock Venlo greenhouse

Venlo Greenhouse

Lockdrives broadship greenhouse

Wide span greenhouse

LockDrives convertible greenhouse

Convertible greenhouse

Lock Drives Gewächshausbau Anwendung Folientunnel



Precise control of air circulation is essential to create the ideal microclimate. An optimal climate promotes the growth and health of plants. Various ventilation systems are used in the greenhouse to ensure effective ventilation. Natural ventilation takes place via the roof and often additionally via side ventilation.

Lock products are the most reliable solution for precise ventilation regulation. The automatic shutdown integrated into the drives when the end position is reached ensures safe use. This safely excludes any damage to people and plants.

In conjunction with sensors and the control system, the plants are protected from extreme weather conditions, gardeners gain improved control over temperature and air circulation and create optimal conditions for a rich yield. Resources are only used when they are needed. Waste of energy is avoided.

The high quality of Lock products ensures maintenance-free and trouble-free operation throughout the entire use of the greenhouse. No expensive repairs, annoying operating noises, loss of yield or failure due to faulty drive technology: that is the Lock quality promise.


Full-length ridge ventilation

Different types of ventilation used on greenhouse roofs.


Venlo ventilation

Special ventilation types used in venlo-style greenhouses.


Side ventilation

Rolling systems

Single and double wound roller shade systems in a compact design.


VariVent System

Our winding ventilation is available in various designs.


Row ventilation

Ventilation flaps are located in a row on the side walls of the greenhouses.


Shading / Energy Screen

Optimal climatic conditions in the greenhouse through professional shading and darkening systems - this is one of the key success factors for gardeners. Plants are protected from extreme radiation , thus increasing yields. By using an energy screen, energy costs are reduced and resources are only used when they are needed. Waste of energy is avoided.

Whether classic energy and day umbrellas or complex energy umbrella systems, a key factor here is the perfect drive solution. Lock products are the first choice here: maintenance-free, reliable, precise and with the lowest speeds . This enables every gardener to operate efficiently and sustainably.


Surface-mounted umbrella system

The best known and most common form of umbrella systems for optimal climate control.


Vertical rolling systems

They are used specifically for darkening and to save energy.


Hanging umbrella system

This type of umbrella system is often used for more specific requirements, e.g. in garden centers. 


Roll-up roof screen

Screen systems for wide span greenhouses that provide climate control.



Umbrella system

The perfect solution to keep heat out of the greenhouse. 


Control system

Today, intelligent systems make it possible to automatically control the climate, among other things, for the benefit of plants in greenhouses. The integration of digital control systems in greenhouses offers a modern and sustainable solution for gardeners.

Precise control of the climate not only improves plant growth and health, but also increases the efficiency and profitability of operations. In addition to our LSR ventilation controller, we have created a modular, all-encompassing, digital total solution for an ideal greenhouse climate with the Lock SBE farm management system.

LSR control

To ensure reliable climate control for your greenhouse, we offer you our tried-and-tested ventilation controller, which allows you to react quickly and cost-effectively to temperature, wind and rain.


SBE Farm-Management-System

In the field of agriculture, the intelligent, smart system from Lock is a big step into the future – for the benefit of people, animals and plants.


Special applications

Our drives enable the linear and horizontal movement of individual systems. In addition to use in lifting and lowering heaters, lifting lights and crop lifting systems, our drive systems are also used for the linear adjustment of a wide variety of elements.

Lifting application & linear adjustment

Lock Special applications Lifting/lowering heating

Lift-lower heating

Lock Special applications lifters


Lock Special applications Culture lifting system

Culture lifting systems

Lock Special application Linear adjustment

Linear adjustment