HZW, HWA and HKG – more Power than permitted!

Lock HZW manual drives

In its 175 years of experience, Lock has achieved the optimum level of synergy between materials and manufacturing processes to create robust, self-locking gear units.

A complete product family assures an optimum selection of gear units for loads of up to 12000 N or torques up to 160 Nm.

The load figures and crank force given by Lock levels reflect reality. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the manual drives depends on the strength of the operator.

With the HZW in conjunction with the rack drive and rack gear geometry developed in-house is a product unrivalled to this day.

Special features

  • For raising and lowering slides, conveyor systems, work benches and much more.
  • Hardened gear unit components for ultimate loads.
  • Loadable in tension and compression.
  • Coupled with other HZW units, also suitable for linear or surface area loads.

When we write 12000 N on a unit, you can count on having 12000 N!

Lock HZW drawing manual drives