HZW 45

Manual rack winch // 1000 N

Manual rack winch // 1000 N - HZW 45
  • Manual rack winches for raising, lowering, adjusting and securing components, devices, machines and ventilation systems.
  • Compact design ideal for small installation spaces.
  • Smooth action, self-locking worm gear drives.
  • Aluminium housing, milled gearbox components made of steel, wearing parts hardened, robust precision design.
  • Loadable in tension and compression.
  • Standard stroke length 200–800 mm. Other stroke lengths on request..


  • HZW 45.0111: can be driven synchronously with HZW 45.0110 Version HZW 45.0111 (without self-locking action). Total load 1000 N, connection with hex profile, waf 17.


  • Rack guard.