HZW 55

Manual rack winch // 12000 N

Manual rack winch // 12000 N - HZW 55
  • Manual rack winches for raising, lowering, adjusting and securing components, devices, machines and ventilation systems.
  • Compact design ideal for small installation spaces.
  • Smooth action, self-locking worm gear drives.
  • Cast housing, milled worm gear unit, gearbox components made of steel and bronze, partially hardened, robust precision design.
  • Loadable in tension and compression.
  • Standard stroke lengths of 600–1400 mm. Additional stroke possible in increments of 200 mm. From stroke length of 1500 mm, note reduced compression force.


  • HZW 55.1210: Like standard, but lateral shaft outputs to drive version HZW 55.1211 (without self-locking action, stroke = 75mm/n) synchronously. Total load 12000 N, connection with 1“ tube DIN 2440.
  • HZW 55.1220: like standard, but shaft with rear output to drive version HZW 55.1222 synchronously. If more than two racks are needed in one line, the HZW 55.1221 can be employed. Instead of a crank, it has two round shaft ends. Total load 12000 N, connection with 3/4“ tube DIN 2440.
  • If several racks are needed to distribute the loads across a surface area, there are versions HZW 55.1212 and HZW 55.1213, see illustration showing this combination.


  • Folding handle, galvanised version (see Chapter 10).
    (Not for the ATEX version.)
  • Rack guard.
  • Atex Version:
    • II 3 G Ex h IIB T3 Gc (gas)
    • II 3 D Ex h IIIB T200°C Dc (dust)


Manual rack winch // 12000 N - HZW 55