HZW 60

Rack and pinion wall jack DIN 7355 // 15 – 100 kN

Zahnstangenwandwinde DIN 7355 // 15 – 100 kN - HZW 60
  • FIN 7355 compliant rack-and-pinion jacks designed for wall mounting.
  • They are suitable for positioning slides, conveyors, work tables, etc.
  • Operating temperature permanently -20 °C (-4 °F) to 60 °C (140 °F) (operating temperature static up to 90 °C/194 °F).

With danger alert

  • The gear units are not self-locking.
  • The holding torque is achieved by the transmission and locking the crank system.
  • The application must be secured by a secondary method (e.g. staking) for protection in the event of failure of the holding force.
  • A connection to the supporting structure must be evaluated/designed by the customer.

Direction of force of gear unit/winch

  • Due to asymmetrical gearing, the standard version may only be loaded in one direction (compression or tension).
  • The installation position of the winch must be observed during assembly.
  • A maximum of 5 % of the crank force is permitted against the direction of force.
  • Also available for compression and tension with symmetric toothing and pressure roller safety crank.
  • The pressure roller safety crank can also be mounted on a steel winch with asymmetrical toothing.
  • The advantage is that the crank is quiet and cannot come loose under vibration (e.g. container lid on a truck).
  • All cranks are galvanized without painting.