EazyVent® – The economical alternative

This system has been submitted for global patent approval.

EazyVent® delivers top–opening ventilation and the lifting up of rolled sheeting from bottom to top.

The top edge of the fabric is lowered and/or raised by means of a central shaft with cable drum. These special-purpose cables are guided around the sheeting and roll up in a corresponding manner on the cable drum.

When lowering the bottom edge, this creates a loop of cable that starts to rotate the sheeting, causing it to roll up.

Function and benefits:

  • From above, ventilate downwards progressively more.
  • Up to a clear opening height of 3 m.
  • Move fabric upwards (summer setting) without additional drive.
  • Quick and easy to assemble and install.
  • No height offset on the bottom edge of the fabric.
  • No lateral drive technology.
  • No force needs to be introduced into the winding shaft.
  • Only one drive unit needed.
  • Manual or power drive.
  • Interruptions in the system (e.g. gate/ door) are possible.
  • Multi-layer sheeting is possible.

1)    Only one drive unit needed.
2)   Openings, interruptions in the system.

3)   System can extend up to end of building.
       No additional space needed.