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To protect the animals from drafts and to create a separate climate zone in group housing, the lying area can be separated with partitions at the sides and with a lid at the top. The closed lid can be opened using an electric drive when mucking out. The cover is intended to protect the young animals from extreme temperatures and thus promote their well-being and health.

Climate cover plays a crucial role, especially in the first weeks of the animals' lives when they are still sensitive to adverse weather conditions. A well-designed shelter not only provides protection from the elements, but can also provide the calves and pigs with an appropriate environment for rest and growth. In addition, effective climate cover helps reduce mortality rates and health problems in the young animals.

Part of the lying area, preferably the rear third, can be covered, allowing the animals to choose between a covered and an open lying area. The cover creates a microclimate in the lying area.

Single-sided storage

This is the simplest and most cost-effective way to build an electrically opened box lid. The design allows the farmer to quickly check the animals and clean the pens. The adjustment options are limited because the lids can only be folded in one direction. The box lids are pulled against the wall to open.

Lift completely

Here the lid is pulled under the ceiling and not folded against the wall as with the one-sided version. Although the adjustment options are limited, checking the animals and cleaning is still possible without any problems. With this version, the use of slats is also possible. Compared to the one-sided box lid, the ventilation options are better.


In terms of adjustability, this type of box lid is the one with the greatest flexibility. This variant is perfect for wet cleaning of the lid, as the lid can be tilted towards the pen. This means that the water runs into the pen and not into the walkway/inspection passage. It is also ideal for ventilation, as this form of box lid can be individually adjusted.

  • Separate air conditioning area
  • Mortality rate drops, colds can be better avoided