Continous system group ventilation

To ventilate multi-section greenhouses with EWA power drive and AZD / EZD racks. The KGO gear unit assures continuous connection of individual ventilation systems. Can be used in up to five sections of a greenhouse.

Up to 600 Nm of input power can be introduced to the system, i.e. up to 150 Nm per section.

  • Strokes of up to 1800 mm and loadings of up to 700 N per continous rack, with longer strokes or higher loads available on request.
  • External swivel bearing with product ranges AZD / EZD, and the gear units are located close to the roof structure. They are held in position on the building by external bearings on the connecting shaft.
Lock Continuous System group ventilation
Continuous system group ventilation, several individual ventilation systems are grouped together with reversing gear units to form a unit with one power drive.
Lock group ventilation for continuous system