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Those who decide to install ventilation on the greenhouse roof can choose between different types. The choice depends on the size of the greenhouse, the plants being grown and the local climatic conditions. In addition to wide-span and convertible ventilation, group ventilation and multi-tunnel ventilation are also common. Although there are differences in the specific features, these ventilation types share basic principles to optimize the environmental conditions in the greenhouse and thus support healthy plant growth. 

They improve air circulation, regulate temperature, control humidity and are adaptable. All systems are designed to increase efficiency in plant cultivation. Modern technologies, such as automatic control systems and sensors, optimize the efficiency and sustainability of these ventilation systems.

Wide aisle ventilation

Wide aisle ventilation is a full-length ridge vent and is a common method in garden centers where flaps or windows are placed along the side walls of the greenhouse. These can be controlled manually or automatically to allow for effective ventilation. The advantage of wide-span ventilation is its ability to provide even air circulation throughout the greenhouse. This is especially important to minimize temperature differences and create a consistent climate for the plants. 


Cabrio ventilation MX 1

Instead of conventional ventilation windows, Lock drives in the Cabrio greenhouse allow the roof to be opened completely to ensure optimal ventilation and an effective way to optimize air circulation. Used for growing young plants because the conditions are like outdoors, but better protected.



The multi-tunnel with continuous roof ventilation specifically for plastic greenhouses allows precise adjustment of the ventilation over the entire length of the structure. This is particularly useful in large greenhouses where different plant zones exist and individual climate requirements must be met. By coupling them together with deflection gears, several tunnels (multitunnels) can also be operated simultaneously.


Through-connection systems/group ventilation

They are used for ventilation in multi-bay greenhouses. Several greenhouses are connected to each other and ventilation is coordinated between these units. This allows for efficient use of resources and better control of the microclimate.