Special applications

In particular with special applications that do not comply to any given standard, Lock products prove just how high their innate standards of quality and universal application really are.

Apart from the products, Lock also has a broad understanding of the applications that correspondingly trained and experienced personnel, close collaboration with customers and sufficient capacity in its development activities.

No limits are placed on the imagination here, when this kind of application is being considered. Once you understand how the systematic Lock modular approach to design really works, the number of potential applications is truly unlimited. You find some examples on these pages.

  • Mobile greenhouses for research purposes with TurboLogic drives
  • Raisable lighting systems that enable an EWA drive to raise several lines with the help of KGO or KRG deflection gear units and STR cable drums.
  • Ventilation systems with insect nets, with AZD rack drives and AZZ 60 insect protection
  • External shading and movable plastic roof sheeting with EWA drives in version A60 and SpeedLogic
  • Raisable heating systems, internal transport systems, packaging machines etc
Lock TurboLogic on mobile greenhouse for horticulture
TurboLogic on mobile greenhouse
Lock horticulture EWA and AZD with insect protection
EWA and AZD with insect protection
EWA, KGO and STR on raisable lights
EWA, KGO and STR on raisable lights
EWA for external shading
EWA for external shading