VariVent® roller ventilation from Lock offers all of these options:

  • Opening from top
  • Opening from bottom
  • Variable opening from top and bottom

VariVent® roller ventilation guarantees high levels of operational reliability because lightweight aluminium tubes with small diameters and low-speed drive units can be used.

All systems:

  • can be operated in the open air
  • can be operated without risk of collision by our patented forced synchronization system
  • can be rolled singly and doubly
  • can have the drive unit mounted at the end or in the middle, depending on the required length of ventilation
  • are simple to convert from manual to power drive
  • can be controlled fully automatically by temperature, wind and rain

A single drive unit is all that is required for a building length of 100 metres at an opening height of max. five metres.

  • For more information, see VariVent BC and VariVent BF.
VariVent® BC, OBI Biberach (Germany)
VariVent® BC, OBI Biberach (Germany)