The most frequently installed top-opening curtain system in the world!

All systems shown here hold Euro patents 0982466 and 1388637

VariVent® TF Pull wire

Thanks to the specific compensating mechanism of the GKT telescopic coupling, no tension is required on the sheeting and no readjustment is possible.

With a single drive unit, the upper edge is lowered and is bottom-rolled synchronously. This eliminates any possibility of collision and makes the system simple to install.

VariVent TF Pull Wire for agriculture by Lock

VariVent® TF Central tube

Top-opening curtain system with central tube. Less friction because no corner roller. Also, it is possible to override the main doors.

With a single drive unit, the upper edge can be lowered and synchronously rolled up at the bottom. Zero risk of collision.

VariVent TF Central tube for agriculture

VariVent® TF Diabolo

Top-opening curtain system with a unique roller principle for confined installation spaces and cost savings.

Torque is introduced through contra-rotating cable drums. Proven compensating mechanism with telescopic coupling.

VariVent TF Diabolo for agriculture