VariVent® Twin

Europatent 3018284, US Patent 10,041,295, CA Patent 2,911,590.

  • VariVent® Twin is a patented variant for all single-rolled VariVent systems that improves insulation values by up to 60 % (when using 380 g/m² sheeting and with sufficient overlap of the sheeting at all sides of the wall aperture).
  • Double-rolled ventilation with an insulating air cushion achieved by the 5 cm (approx.) gap between the two sections of sheeting.
  • The rolling shaft is operated by a single power drive or manual drive, enabling collision-free synchronous rolling or unrolling of the sheeting.
  • A combination of different sheeting sections is possible to admit sufficient natural light to the building, something not feasible with insulated sheeting that admit little or even no light at all.
  • No ongoing electricity costs compared to systems with a blower that has to blow air into the sheeting sections continuously and that, when disabled by a power cut, causes the sheeting to fall downwards.
  • Rolling up the sheeting keeps it clean, even after years in service, and protects it from rodents. Isolated holes are easy to patch.
  • With power drive, fully automatic activation possible with LSR ventilation controller, even when windy and/ or rainy.
  • For cleaning purposes, the sheeting sections can be disconnected from their GKT telescopic couplings, leaving no condensation to pool and form mildew.
  • It is possible to retrofit existing single-rolled VariVent® systems.
Double the winding ventilation with an insulating air cushion achieved by a gap of about 5 cm between the two strips of sheeting.