ESS 40

Switch system

Switch system - ESS 40
  • Electromechanical switch system for disengagement or querying of several settings through the control unit LSC 40. Alternatively by combination of the proven Lock gear limit switch system END 20.20 and END 20.40.
  • Limit switch system in IP 55 cast housing, same installation dimensions as EWA, same shaft ends, same couplings.
  • With a limit switch system, four positions can be set, of which two positions can be secured by additional switches.
  • For the „Luv/Lee“ convertible application, an additional ESS 40 is required in the „Luv/Lee“ version (2 x LSC 40.10 or END 20.20).
  • The switching principle with the END 20 gear limit switchesenables switch points to be overridden without any problem. At the same time, the position relative to the switching point can be queried – NO/ NC (German patent 10351613).
  • Position sensor PAR 06 (potentiometer) or PAR 10 can be retrofitted.
  • Simple and precise setting of the switch points.