• SPL 60, the external frequency inverter for EWA 12 – EWA 16. Two pre-configured speeds of up to 15 rpm – when placing an order, please quote the desired speeds as shown in the table. In an ISO housing with clear-view cover.
  • Specific configuration of parameters to suit every type of EWA 12 – EWA 16. The 3~ standard motors are designed for operation with a frequency inverter. On the terminal board, the motor must be wired up in a three-point manner.
  • Activation via switch contacts 0/1. Fast closing speed.
  • SPL 60 with single-phase power supply of 230 V/50 Hz or 240 V/60 Hz, no reversible contactor required, motor protection integrated. Multi-range voltage of 170–264 V, 45 – 65 Hz, ED = 30%, IP 55, ISO-F, UL/CSA.
  • Plug-in memory module for simple service.
  • On drives running at 15 rpm, the high-speed signal must be interrupted before the limit point is reached, either by the activation system or by means of an external limit switch (optional).


  • SPL 60 is also available for power rack winch EZW 64. Please contact us for details.