EZD, ZSG and AZD – The unbeatable Trio

Lock Advantages of EZD

The strengths lie in power, choice and modularity, and this is also true of the family of pivotable rack & pinion units EZD, ZSG and AZD.

With a great selection of power drives and rack & pinion units, an optimum quality right down the entire driveline is guaranteed. That delivers bottom line benefits, and over the longer term, it also reduces service costs.

The EZD and AZD ranges feature external drive tube bearings for lower load ratings up to 700 N. Also available with curved racks for specialist applications.

The ZSG range tackles heavy load ratings of up to 2500 N with an integrated pivot bearing, something no other manufacturer can offer. This saves time and effort during installation and lubrication work.

Lock advantages of AZD

Lock advantages of ZSG