AZD 05

Rack & pinion units // 700 N

Rack & pinion units // 300 –700 N - AZD 03, AZD 05
  • Rack & pinion units for actuation of medium-duty panels.
  • Typical applications: Ventilation in wide-span greenhouses with single glazing, or in polytunnel, primary or secondary roof ridges in animal shed construction.
  • Rack available in straight or curved version. With curved rack, less space required for pivoting (e.g. for side ventilation or shading).
  • Various lengths of aluminium rack, window brackets for securing ­panels in scope of supply.
  • Mounting on 1“ drive tube (DIN 2440: 33.7 x 3.25 mm or DIN 2441: 33.7 x 4.05 mm) with four compression screws.
  • Rack grease LUB 20 in scope of supply.


  • Rack guard AZZ 60 for straight rack when required for insect protection (separation of good bugs / pests), grease guard or finger guard (people in nip range).


  • Tighten down clamping ring screws to 8 Nm.


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