LZG 24

Rack & pinion units // 13000–16000 N

Rack & pinion units // 13000–16000 N - LZG 24
Support mounting
Rack & pinion units // 13000–16000 N - LZG 24
Rail mounting
  • Extremely robust top-quality universal rack & pinion units with a very compact design. When mounted to support, cause absolutely minimal shading because input shaft is below the gutter.
  • Universal application for spacing of push-pull tube above beam of 40, 60 or 60/200 mm.
  • The support version is easy to install by clamping to the support – support dimensions 80, 100, 120 or 140 mm x 50, 60 or 80 mm are possible. Please indicate support dimensions on order!
  • Stable cast housing with ball bearings for quiet operation. Gear components made of highly tempered, hardened steel.
  • 30 mm hex shaft for ease of assembly of prefab tubes, low levels of torsion and clearance. Robust input shaft (up to 750 Nm) for the transmission of high torque levels. Securing on the beam with two bolts (by customer) with strength 8.8.
  • Rack made of milled steel (13000 N with 25 x 35 mm / 16000 N with 30x40 mm) with integrated connection for push-pull tube.
  • Standard colour DB 701 (platinum grey).
  • The rack is delivered pre-greased.


  • Weld couplings SKS including bolts must be orderd separately.