ZSG 15

Rack & pinion units // 1200 N

Rack & pinion units // 1200 N - ZSG 15
  • Compact rack & pinion units to actuate heavy panels. Ideal for assembly-­friendly problem-solving!
  • Typical applications: Ventilation in wide-span greenhouses (double-­glazing with just one gear rack per girder division), large primary or secondary roof ridges in animal shed construction.      
  • Aluminium housing with rack guide made of special anti-friction material, rack pivotable through 55°. Drive pinion for 1“ tube is also mounting for drive tube. No further bearings required!
  • Window bracket FB 30 in scope of supply.
  • Rack and pinion made of steel, 
  • Stroke lengths of 600 –2000 mm (from stroke length of 2000 mm, note reduced compression force). Special lengths on request.
  • Fast assembly with clamping ring and safety screws.
  • Rack grease LUB 20 in scope of supply.
  • U-bracket accessory for length compensation in 175 mm lengths.


  • Tighten down U-bracket nut to 80 Nm!
  • Tighten down clamping ring screws to 15 Nm.


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