ZSG 20

Rack & pinion units // 2500 N

Rack & pinion units // 2500 N - ZSG 20
  • Rack & pinion units with up to 2500 N traction or compression force with integrated bearing for drive tube. Also available as ZSG 75 with 7500 N.
  • Suitable for use in smoke & heat extraction systems. Function and operational integrity levels in the event of a smoke or heat incident subject to individual agreement.
  • Perfect synchronization through the mechanical interconnection of several drive elements.
  • High power reserves for strong and long-lasting suction and wind loadings.
  • Rack and pinion made of hardened steel. Aluminium housing. Rack pivotable through up to 190°.
  • Stroke lengths of 600 -1800 mm (from stroke length of 1800 mm, note reduced compression force). Special lengths and special consoles on request.
  • Rack grease LUB 20 in scope of supply.


  • Window bracket to connect rack to panel on request.


  • Tighten down clamping ring screws to 25 Nm.