Assembly EZD 52

  • Rack & pinion units for actuation of lightweight panels.
  • Split steel rack & pinion units in revolutionary new design for roof or side vents in all kinds of greenhouses, e.g. open roof houses.
  • Interlocking two-piece steel pinion 1”. Push-to-lock plastic housing works as bearing and sliding block for rack.
  • Racks available in various lengths, straight or curved. Made from galvanized steel, 3 mm wall thickness. Load 500 N = 115 lbf.
  • Quicker installation due to unique design.
  • Quicker replacement without disassembly of drive shaft.
  • Compatible with standard steel rack + pinion.
  • Also available as EZD 51 in cost effective one-piece design. 
Lock – EZD 52 Zahnradstangengetriebe